Pink Glow LED Collar


Our signature product! This comfortable collar has a LED light built in with multiple lighting modes.

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Where are you located?

Melbourne, Australia, and we’re an Australian-registered business.

Where are your products shipped from?

Right here in Melbourne through Australia Post.

How long does delivery take?

Anywhere from 1 to 4 days, depending on your location. Items are more often than not shipped the same day you purchase them.

Can I change the battery in the collar if it runs out?

It will last a very long time, so you may not need to worry about this for a while, but you definitely can. Simply remove it from the LED’s battery compartment and replace it. If you need help from us, just ask.

Can I wash the collar?

Of course! Just be sure to remove the LED strip and battery area before. You can put it back in after washing.

What size should I get?

That will depend on your dog’s neck size. View our sizing chart here before choosing a size.

Are there different light modes?


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